3 de janeiro de 2013

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The Achievements of Cuba’s “Ecological Agriculture”
by Miguel A. Altieri and Fernando R. Funes-Monzote
When Cuba faced the shock of lost trade relations with the Soviet Bloc in the early 1990s, food production initially collapsed due to the loss of imported fertilizers, pesticides, tractors, parts, and petroleum. The situation was so bad that Cuba posted the worst growth in per capita food production in all of Latin America and the Caribbean. But the island rapidly re-oriented its agriculture to depend less on imported synthetic chemical inputs, and became a world-class case of ecological agriculture.
The possibility of Agroecology in Supporting the world Meals Technique 
by david_m
Today's agricultural technique is never sustainable any more. At present, were relatively bound to around the world output model, that happen to be leading to you numerous fees, due to the fact plant range is quickly degrading.
Not long ago, there’s a desire to come up with brand-new universal meal procedure. Numerous globally agricultural types are usually advising a resurgence of Agroecology. Additionally the particular golden ticket involving liberty with the envisioned anger but it really has possibilities that will answer some inquiries put their hands up using this new foods catastrophe.

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